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Federal Government Cyber Security

Protect nation-state secrets and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks

FireEye partners with federal governments across the globe to protect their national security interests and critical infrastructure from cyber attack. Our technologies and services are well established in the United States, as well as governments in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Our experience has provided us with a unique understanding of the challenges federal governments face, and we systematically align our solution and product development cycles to meet their needs. FireEye isn’t just focused on one threat vector or adversary type. We counter all evolving cyber threats facing public and private sector organizations around the globe.

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Tales from the Trenches: Wannamine My Business

The United States government

We currently support nearly every department in the United States government with our services and product offerings and support the President's Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. The FireEye Government ETP service is the first email security service focused on advanced threat protection to achieve a FedRAMP Authority to Operate.

International governments

We have forged a partnership with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore. The UK government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme awarded FireEye with accreditation in 2015. We also regularly exchange knowledge and expertise with the European Cybercrime Center (EC3).


Solution Capabilities

Regardless of the adversary – criminal, hacktivist or nation state – and regardless of the techniques they choose to employ, we protect critical infrastructure and put a stop to the advanced cyber attacks that lead to intelligence collection, intellectual property theft and the theft of personally identifiable information (PII).

Our solutions are designed with evolving threats in mind:


“FireEye platforms detect compromises within minutes and quarantine malicious files or emails, and then enable us to quickly track down affected machines and contain the threat, even when devices are off-network.”

- Government Research Firm

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